Our Results

A large 2014 outcome study performed by a major health plan

using the Stellar XpeDoseTM system demonstrated significant

increases in prescription-related utilization while significantly

reducing asthma-related acute hospitalization and

expenditures and lowering overall asthma-related costs.

"With having the XpeDoseTM cabinet onsite, the providers can prescribe and dispense meds and equipment thus saving the family an extra trip to the pharmacy. Treatment can be taught in the practice in real time with the equipment to ensure that patients understand how to take the medication or administer a treatment to their child. This helps even more so when a patient has a language barrier and we can teach and support with the addition of our interpreter iPads. Not having the family needing to navigate the pharmacy or figure out how and where to go saves time and we have better treatment outcomes. We serve a very vulnerable population and there might be delays in care if we just sent families home with the need to make an extra trip to the pharmacy. Stellar's customer service exceeds expectations. They are always willing to help, friendly, professional, and we are lucky to have a wonderful partnership to help meet the needs of our patients and families in real time. Our patients truly appreciate the ability to have the providers teach with the meds and equipment during their visit. They are also grateful that they are saved an extra errand. It is a resource that our families are thankful for."

-Kathleine Gavin

CDC data estimates that 25 million people in the US (8% of the population) have asthma2. About 50% of people with asthma (including 60% of adults 2) are not optimally controlled. In 2016, uncontrolled asthma resulted in about $56 billion in direct and indirect costs including 1.8 million ED visits, 189,000 hospitalizations and 3,500 deaths.3 Many of these critical care events are avoidable with proper treatment and care.

  • Patients can immediately start on life saving asthma medications during a medical visit.
  • Providers have better opportunity to effectively counsel & educate patients and their families.
  • Patients can immediately opt-in to Stellar's Asthma Adherence Program.

Improving asthma medication adherence has positive overall health outcomes for patients, providers, and health plans. Stellar Pharmacy Services, working in partnership with a major health plan, has documented outcomes showing higher asthma controller refill rates, lower emergency department visits, lower inpatient admissions, fewer inpatient days, and lower overall expenditures.1

Stellar Pharmacy Services provides your health plan with overall utilization data, provider data, and member-specific data if requested. Please contact us for more information regarding our HIPAA-compliant data capabilities that support your program evaluation and HEDIS measures.