What We Do

Stellar works with providers to install secure in-office medication-dispensing cabinets (XpeDoseTM) in various clinical settings fully stocked with selected medications. We remotely monitor inventory by NDC and bar codes, monitor expiration dates and refill inventory all free of charge to providers and patients.

Stellar also confirms patient insurance eligibility and adjudicates claims seamlessly when the provider selects a medication at the point of care. To accurately remove a product from the cabinet, providers simply access Stellar's user friendly software while the patient is in the office.

Our dispensing cabinet leverages technology to integrate pharmacy options into the patient's medical visit, a one-stop shop. Our medication distribution system brings pharmacy directly to the patient and has proven to increase medication safety, appropriate use and adherence.1

"We at Media Pediatrics have been working with Stellar Pharmacy for years. We find them to be very responsive, professional, and always looking for new ways to help our patient population. This community-oriented pharmacy is very needed. It is wonderful to be able to help patients while they are in the office.

We find the leadership of Stellar Pharmacy to be outstanding. One phone call is all we need to make, and any potential issue is handled immediately. I wish that other pharmacies and other businesses would be as responsive. We thank everyone at Stellar Pharmacy for their service." -Media Pediatrics