Please contact Stellar to learn

more about administering one of

our specialty programs to the qualifying

patients in your office.

Stellar partners with Managed Medicaid Organizations to provide medical supplies such a high-quality breast pumps and blood pressure monitors to their members. Stellar will ship these products directly to the member's home!

Breast Pumps: The Affordable Care Act requires most health insurance plans to cover breastfeeding services and supplies. Members can receive breast pumps at no cost to them! Breast pumps are available in manual or electric. Our team is available to assist you with additional information and choosing the right breast pump.

Blood Pressure Monitors: Digital blood pressure monitors are easy to use, accurate, and convenient. Stellar provides both upper arm and wrist monitors.

To speak with a customer service representative please reach out to
Stellar Pharmacy Services at 1-800-910-2959.

Each insurance policy is different so coverage may vary.