According to recent CDC surveillance data, 205 people die every day due to opioid overdose.6 Additionally, the nation's COVID pandemic has made the opioid epidemic worse. Mental health issues, isolation, and barriers to care have escalated an already devastating crisis in every state.

Stellar's commitment to save lives is personal. In 2018, we lost a beloved member of our Stellar family to a drug overdose. We have vowed as a company to do our part to prevent families and friends from the tragedy of losing a loved one.

Currently, the Stellar XpeDoseTM drug distribution system stocked with Narcan Nasal Spray is operating in recovery centers, substance use treatment centers, hospital clinics, and other clinical settings. This allows providers to get Narcan directly in the hands of high-risk patients during a medical visit, free of charge. It also eliminates the need for the patient to visit a retail pharmacy.

Our collaboration within our communities in Pennsylvania to prevent opioid fatalities is transferable to other communities and settings.