Out of 6 million pregnancies 3 million are unplanned.4 Nearly half of unplanned pregnancies (2 out of 5) occur to women using a birth control method imperfectly or not to her liking.4

These statistics have remained stagnant for many years as well as the key barriers driving them:
  • Challenges for providers to stock Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives (Buy & Bill process)
  • Insurance & billing concerns
  • Lack of patient access to single visit LARC insertions

Our novel approach eliminates these barriers by stocking and maintaining a full inventory of Family Planning products and LARCs in our secure XpeDoseTM cabinet in the clinician's practice. Our point-of-care system makes IUDs and the Implant available for single visit administration for women who desire these methods. Practices using our XpeDoseTM system for LARCs have increased single visit insertions by 35-75%.5

Our goal is to empower providers and their patients to select the most suitable contraceptive and to have the ability to implement that choice in a single visit. This is an essential path forward to achieving health care equity, healthy women and healthy families. Please contact us for more information about how Stellar can help providers and patients access a full range of family planning resources free of charge.

"Our practice implemented the XpeDoseTM system over a year ago and it is wonderful!!! Our customer service rep is always extremely responsive and helpful. This is a wonderful service for our patients and a huge satisfier in receiving their IUD the same day. I highly recommend this company!!" -Missy Lozano